lunes, 6 de diciembre de 2010

my reflection

hello people, i finished level 5 english, i think that i learned a lots in this class, i feel that i improve in my pronuntiation , speaking, reading and writting.
i had the oportunity to have a creative and wonderfull teacher,doris, she not only taugh class , if not she taugh how to make and designer blogs, she is very talkative and communicative person.
i met new friends and classmate, we studied in groups, we practice in class and we make exposition together.thanks for thats people than help me too much.

miércoles, 1 de diciembre de 2010

process to register in university

University pekin
In China to enter to university is very hard and dificult.
requirements for foreign student.
-high average; minimum 65 points-maximum 100 points.
- have to take university test.
-chinese visa
-speak mandarin
-accept card
-account bank in china
-support financial

campus university

 aereal view of campus
 block f ,  school of grafic design , social comunicacion and labs computer.


 library urbe

student profile

Profile of Anna
birthday : august 24, 1986
schooling:i studied in elementary school its name is dr. jose gregorio hernadez
high school "los proceres". university "dr Rafael Belloso chacin.
hobbies: i loves listen to music, cooking, go to shopping, visit friends, family.
personality : im serious, shy, friendly, responsible.

lunes, 1 de noviembre de 2010


I live in a apartment, it is very high, it is near from lake Maracaibo, I can see the bridge over the lake, my neighbors are very friendly, it is very clean, but the problem is the elevator, there are fours, only two elevators are working, another problem is the water, it isn't enough,  I have a small tank of water. I live very comfortable, because , there are busses stations,  malls, church, parks and  hospital, so it is very complete, and the most beautiful is the panoramic view, I can see maracaibo whole.


On monday I go to the supermarket

On tuesday I go the dentist

On wenesday I get the bus home

On saturday I make a  grocery list

On sunday I make a haircut

domingo, 31 de octubre de 2010

music trend at urbe

 We made a survey at URBE, what kind of music do you like?
the people said:
Reggeaton 30%
pop 20%
rock 15%
gaitas 15%
baladas 12%
vallenato 8%
a mayority of reggeaton with thirty percent
a minority of vallenato with  eight percent.

In this survey the people said that:
the kids spend 5 hours per day watching tv
the women spend 3 hours per day watching tv
the men spend 2 hours per day watching tv

the killer

 In the city of hong kong, there was a mass murderer, the man worked in opera theater, and there had died many peoples.The man were the owner of the opera academy. The firts case is: a  famous singer was killed while she is practice her perfomance on the scenary, fell the ceiling lamp,  the police was looking for some clues, they had the suspicion of someone very close of her., but the police didn`t found evidence 
the secretary of the academy  suspected of the owner, because in that day , she saw a knife in his hands.
the man knew that the secretary suspited of him, so, he decided to kill, in her house, with a stone in her head.
but the woman isn`t died. she is injured. she is taken to the hospital . when the police ask question her. she said that the owner academy was the guilty, so the man is led to jail to life imprisonment.